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Winter has come to Niagara Falls, and it looks like something out of Narnia

A cold wave is sweeping almost all of North America and as temperatures have dwindled, we’ve seen some pretty bizarre things. But one of the coolest and most beautiful sights right now has to be Niagara Falls where Jack Frost painted a spectacular scene, and it looks like something straight out of Narnia. All year long, tourists flock to the iconic location that sits on the border of New York and Canada–in the summer, it’s a lot more pleasant but it’s hard to argue that it’s even more beautiful than it is right now. You don’t even have to be a world-class photographer to capture the beauty of the natural wonder! And, of course, every sight looks a whole lot prettier with a hedgehog in the mix. This isn’t the first time that the falls have experienced that wonderful winter tint — one photo from 1890 shows that, even though the scene has gotten pretty commercialized, it has always looked spectacular in the winter. The area where the natural wonder sits has been below freezing for a while, and the forecast doesn’t show any signs that it will warm up soon. It’s not really all that uncommon for the falls to freeze over since they’re situated in a place that generally experiences harsh winters.

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