Woman photographs 'ghost' in abandon Wales asylum

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A student says she captured the image of a ghostly caretaker while exploring an abandoned mental asylum after dark. Kyla Peberdy was walking through the abandoned Denbigh Asylum in Wales with three friends earlier this month when she came across a derelict corridor. Despite hearing banging, talking and experiencing cold shivers, it wasn't until Kyla looked back at the photographs that she noticed the ghostly figure. The 22-year-old was shocked when she saw the figure lurking in the distance and believes it could be the ghost of a deceased caretaker who used to work at the asylum. Kyla, from Crewe, Cheshire, said: 'It was really scary in there - it felt as though ghosts were present because I could feel the tension. 'But it wasn't until we returned to the car and I was looking through the photographs that I saw the ghost. 'As soon as I saw the figure I had a horrible pain in my chest, that went all the way down my arm, and I couldn't speak, it was terrifying. 'Rumour has it that there's the ghost of a caretaker there I'm sure that's him.'

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