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Some workers see automation as a serious threat — and with good reason

Nearly one-quarter of American workers are worried they will lose their jobs to robots, according to a new survey. Almost three out of four of the more than 3,000 people surveyed said they think artificial intelligence will probably eliminate more jobs than it creates, in general. But 23 percent said they are “very” or “somewhat” worried they will lose their own job to automation. Manufacturing and construction sectors are seen as the most vulnerable, according to Gallup, and those without a college degree seem to be the most concerned. Employed Americans who don’t hold at least a bachelor’s degree are almost twice as likely to worry their jobs are at risk than those with a four-year degree — 28 percent of those without compared to 15 percent of those with one. Such fears may sound a little extreme, but they’re not unfounded. iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, which recently inked a deal to open a new factory in Wisconsin, reportedly has plans to replace 10,000 workers at its Taiwan display screen plant with automation.

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