World UFO Day: 9 alien encounters that will make you believe

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Alien encounters, the type that involve UFOs and blinding lights and extraterrestrial hands probing you, often defy all scientific and logical explanation and are often the same kind of hoaxes baring huge fangs on the cover of The Sun ... ... until they're not. While infinite faux encounters have been crawling all over the media even before War of the Worlds was taken way more seriously than the dramatization it was supposed to be, actual aliens do lurk among the sensational clickbait of the Internet. Except these accounts expose the real terrors that some Earthlings went through when they saw something they shouldn't have. Or ended up somewhere they shouldn't have. Or ended up with a passenger that shouldn't have been riding shotgun in their car. However bizarre it might seem to encounter an extraterrestrial light show thousands of feet in the air or to just vanish and show up in your backyard months later thinking it was only a couple of hours (presumably because you were on board something that traveled into the far reaches of space at the speed of light), these experiences that may not be as famous as Roswell and other Area 51's are even more chilling on account of them haunting the memories of people who never worked for the FBI or CIA or even SETI. You might expect a bizarre flash of something when you've been searching for it since the Clinton era. Not so when you're just trying to drive home after dark without your engine breaking down. Probe these 9 alien encounters that are almost (operative word here) beyond belief and even nonbelievers will find it impossible to stay in the cynic bubble.

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