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World's Largest Ice Sheet Melting Rapidly From Below

The Totten glacier within the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) is the most voluminous single mass of ice in the world. It is melting at an insane rate as warm water enters a cavity from below. Further greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and oceans will increase water and air temperatures and could lead to a catastrophic 3.9 meters (12.8 feet) rise in sea levels in coming years. The Totten glacier is reaching the point of no return, as far as allowing the ocean to keep the planet cool, while the atmosphere has already passed that point. Scientists have over the years predicted the catastrophe that is unfolding, but politicians, big business and pseudo-scientists have done nothing to address it. The earth’s inability to clean up after industrial man does not bode well for his future.ice IFLScience reports: Reporting in the journal Science Advances, the international team note that unusually warm oceanic water is flooding into the glacier’s undercut base at a rate of 220,000 cubic meters per second (4.6 cubic miles per day). That’s enough to cause Totten to shed up to 73 billion tonnes (80 billion tons) of ice per year. Melting glaciers like Totten directly contribute to sea level rise. Worse, by destroying those near the edge of the continent, masses of ice dammed up behind them are free to flow into the sea. The icy catchment area of Totten and the EAIS is about the size of Spain. If all of this fell into the ocean, global sea level rise would jump up by 3.5 meters (11.5 feet).

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