Young Art Bell Listener Became Spellbound By Space

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These are the voyages, thus far, of Valerie Rapson. Years ago, the Greece resident used to listen to a paranormal-themed radio program while delivering newspapers with her father. Listening to the program, hosted by broadcaster Art Bell, she became spellbound by space. "That, and watching a lot of StarTrek as a child," said Rapson, now 25 and an astrophysics graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology. "As soon as I was born, my father and I were watching StarTrek." Her fascination with space has been paying off. Rapson has been named a national astronomy ambassador and will be participating in a workshop in Washington, D.C., in early January. She also is president of Rochester Academy of Science's Astronomy Chapter, works at the Strasenburgh Planetarium and participates in "astronomy outreach" for students and seniors. "What intrigued me most was the mystery of space," Rapson said. "I wanted to know more about what's up there, more than just the stars twinkling in the sky. There's never an end to what we'll learn about astronomy." Read the whole story at Mystery of space captivates Greece woman.

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