Fri May 10 (Hour 3) - Dr Young-hae Chi - Alien/Human Hybrids Will Save the Earth

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Dr Young-Hai discusses the impending destruction of life on earth, with reference to the alarm bells of climate change, from a NonHuman or some would say Extraterrestrial Agenda.

Dr. Young-hae Chi, an instructor in Korean at Oxford's Oriental Institute since 1994, did Masters degree in International relations and obtained his Ph.D in Theology at Oxford University. Having researched the issue of alien visitation for 20 years, including hypnosis of claimed abductees in the UK, France, Korea, and Japan, he has since given many public lectures. in 2015, he coauthored the book, "Alien Visitation and the End of Humanity" with Prof J. S. Chay at Ewha Women's University in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Chi trained as a therapeutic hypnotist at ICH (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London), and has worked together with Dr. David Jacobs, a retired former Temple University professor in the US, to investigate claimed alien abduction cases.

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