Your Spooky Stories and Paranormal Experiences

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Well, it seems that the Most Haunted team aren’t the only ones with a paranormal tale to tell. We’ve been asking for you to share you spooky stories and experiences, here’s what you had to say: Johnny Thunder, Pontyclun “We named our some (sic) after a friend of mine who passed a few years ago and we’re fairly sure that he’s looking over us at times. “First was when my other half was in hospital and a couple of days before he was born (long complicated induction) I was home alone, sleeping and thrashing around having a bad dream about something. All I remember is waking myself up thrashing my arms and legs about until somebody grabbed my arm to stop me falling off the bed, then I just fell back asleep... “Second, the day he was born Indiana and his mummy stayed in the hospital and she got a kiss on the forehead while she was dozing... but nobody was around. “And the last big one was in February. The boy was suffering from colic, reflux, hernia, ear infection, all at the same time and he’d been crying for hours. We don’t leave him to cry it out so me and mummy take turns in rocking him, walking with him, patting his back in the cot etc. “On one of my turns, I had my head down next to him in the cot, patting his back and trying to sooth him when I say a pair of legs at the end of the bed. I straightened up having to wiggle past his mobile and there was nobody there. Called to Bec to see what she wanted and she was downstairs... “ Ten seconds later (literally, ten seconds) and the boy was asleep and smiling... “Don’t know who it is, but we have a lovely somebody helping us look after our boy.” More stories via Wales Online.

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