Dark Matter News 11/13/2020


It appears that space-rock number 99942, aka Apophis the god of chaos has volunteered to solve global warming, Covid19, and civil unrest.

"“The 2068 impact scenario is still in play,” Dr Tholen said in the online presentation. “We need to track this asteroid very carefully.”

When Apophis flies by in 2029, astronomers will get valuable data they can use to hopefully rule out 2068

“It will pass within the belt of communications satellites, and it will be as bright to be seen with the naked eye,” said Dr Tholen.

“If you’re familiar with the Big Dipper, that star which connects the handle to the dipper… that’s how bright the asteroid will become in 2029 on, of all dates, Friday the 13th of April.” "

Bacteria from Earth could potentially be used to mine on the moon or Mars – CNN

Many countries are interested in space resources. NASA has said it is looking for commercial companies to collect dust and rocks from the lunar surface as well as its plan to send the first woman and the next man to the moon as part of its Artemis mission by 2024.

The European Space Agency has said it plans to start mining for water and oxygen on the moon by 2025. Later this year, China is expected to launch a rover that will land on the moon and bring back lunar soil samples to Earth.
“Microorganisms are very versatile and as we move into space, they can be used to accomplish a diversity of processes.



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  • I really enjoy listening to the Dark Matter station on my CCrane WiFi table top radio nightly…I especially like the science type shows like Exploration , please try and get more of this type on board ……. thanks, gary

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