Midnight In The Desert, 2/6/21. Guest: John L Steadman to Discuss "Aliens, Robots and Virtual Reality Idols "

Thank you for joining us tonight on Midnight In The Desert for February 6th, 2021. 

Tonight's guest is John L Steadman, here to discuss his latest book "Aliens, Robots and Virtual Reality Idols".  

Here are the topics for tonight. If you want to join us in the live chat room, go to 

DLIVE https://dlive.tv/InfinitePlaneRadio

1. HP Lovecraft and prehistoric alien invaders, Asimov Foundation series in space, William Gibson and the Sprawl Trilogy. 

2. Lovecraft’s views are more or less equivalent to those of contemporary quantum physicists, while Gibson’s views are focused specifically on virtual reality & how it relates to “real” reality. 

3. The diminishment of humankind, past, present & future consciousness.

4. Authors personal experience with "the alien". What that word really means.


 Please go to  johnlsteadman.com next!

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