Midnight In The Desert: Feb 8, 2018 - Michael Gerloff - Life of High Strangeness

Posted by Tim Ozman on

Michael Gerloff is a secret space program whistle blower who remembers recruitment into secret military space service on his 2nd day of Marine boot camp, June 1st, 1978, at MCRD San Diego. He was told that this service would be a 20-year tour, and his family would never even know he was gone,

Michael willingly and proudly consented to this service and is honored to have been asked to this day. Additionally, he is a member of a USMC unit established to bring forward U.S.Navy SSP disclosure aimed toward ensuring the U. S. Constitution and Republic are preserved, and the full truth of this reality is shared with humanity.

Having also served in the U.S. Army, the Seattle Police Dept., and the United Nations, he is appealing to current and former members of the security sector, not just in the United States, but world-wide, to likewise come forward with any evidence, knowledge, or experience they may possess related to these matters.

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