Boston Hoaxathon: Peekay Truth's "Trouser Bomb" series

Back in 2015, Peekay Truth created a series of YouTube videos deconstructing the supposed "Boston Marathon Bombing"...and exposing it as a hoax...a staged event. His videos were astounding and was a prime example of "Independent Journalism". His videos were also mirrored by hundreds of others.
Cut to today. With Google, Youtube, and almost all corporate social media undergoing a purge of any "alternate news" (that is...anything that deviates from the "acceptable sources" i.e. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.)...all traces of Peekays Boston videos are gone from youtube. Anytime he tries to put them up...even small pieces of it...he gets 3 strikes immediately and they shut down his channels. They have just done this AGAIN...for the 6th or 7th time.
Here for your pleasure, entertainment or even dare i I present all 3 of his "Trouser Bomb" videos...painstakenly recovered for you:
1. Attack of the Trouser Bomb
2. Return of the Trouser Bomb
3. Death of the Trouser Bomb
Length: about 5 hours each video
Format: MP4
Frame height/width: 480x640
I told Peekay I was going to upload these here on the I can safely say that the Creator's Rights have not been violated.
If for some reason Google or Youtube or whoever tries to remove this...I suppose I will have to resort to uploading them to Mega, Google Drive, One Drive and all other cloud services at my disposal...just saying.
Thank you Peekay!

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