Not everyting is fake. 2018-10-02 16:52:44

Not everyting is fake - Reupload

Old video of Sonni Iraqis showing civilians killed by America when they invaded Iraq with Iran's help.This is in response again to all the recent fake conspiracy theorists who claim that EVERYTHING is fake and nothing is happening anywhere in the world (which really the programming we were given decades ago by movies like Wag the Dog and the Truman Show)

The reality is that there are real events taking place but the media focuses on the FAKE events that the Freemasons STAGE in order to manipulate us and make the good guys look like the bad guys and the bad guys look like the good guys and justify their own crimes and recruit more soldiers.

Compare this video with all the fake footages of the supposed terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Boston,Tehran, etc. This is what MASS MURDER really looks like. The Sonni Mojahedeen arent mass murderers, the Zionists, the Shias and the Satanist Freemasons are.
You can also watch this video in HD on Zakah1's own Archive account
Credit to Zakah1, if you want to ask him anything about this video or contact him then here is a link to his YouTube channel & here is a link to his Archive account
If this video doesn't play or keeps buffering or doesn't work then you need to download it & then watch it. Here is the link to download it 

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