THE AUTOHOAXER HANDBOOK: Living In Truth at a Time Of Universal Deceit


by Tim OZman (Author)

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This is a much-needed guide to deconstructing the real fake news the fake news doesn’t want us to know about.Autohoaxing must become standard practice. It is where the truth movement must go if it is to be more than nominally concerned with truth. Those who still toe the line for big media and it's astroturf counterparts are post-truth. Truth is not a destination. We don’t arrive at a destination called truth. The search is a process of constant discernment, or “living in truth.”Pseudo-science and pseudo-news create the mediated version of reality where the mediators write the rules, for they become our rulers when we accept their interpretations. Right now, our reality is faked on CGI, scripted in news events disguised as reality, and distorted by corrupted science.The concept of the Autohoaxing needs to go mainstream.

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