More Questions Than Answers w/Adrian Lee

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Welcome to the show, More Questions than Answers – the only paranormal quiz show anywhere in the world. Each week my guests and I will search the world’s newspapers, websites and TV shows just for you, to bring you the very best in paranormal talk radio entertainment and enlightenment. We will then test each other’s knowledge of this week’s events of the mysterious, strange, supernatural, unusual, bizarre, and just plain weird.

If you have just tuned in especially to hear the show, then I admire your taste, if you have just tuned-in by accident- then I admire your luck. We are huddled under a quilt with a large flashlight and a nice cup of tea with tonight’s guests, somewhere in the baron wildernesses of the Midwest plains – with the sound of my elderly mother snoring distantly from the room next door.

So snuggle under your covers – turn out your light and hold on tight.

Many thanks, Adrian


Adrian Lee was born and raised in London, England. He studied History and History methodologies for his Masters degree and lectured for 14 years – becoming the Head of several Art and History Departments and a Local Government Advisor for education. Adrian is the founder of the International Paranormal Society and a member of the Luton Paranormal Society in England; he has investigated ghosts and haunted buildings throughout Britain and America – particularly the Midwest area.

“I first became interested in the paranormal after experiencing several events in my childhood home; progressively throughout my adult life the idea of interfacing with the dead became intriguing to me from a historical perspective (what could be more exciting for a historian than to interview someone who died 200 years ago?).” – Adrian