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John le Bon is a 32yo Australian who spends most of his time trying to unravel the lie system into which we were all born.

JLB is primarily known for his work on YouTube, where his eponymous channel attracted over 7,000 subscribers before being terminated for ‘community guidelines’ reasons.

His new Youtube channel can be found here.

Over the past few years JLB has developed (and attempted to share) an epistemological framework he describes as ‘real skepticism’, whereby even the most fundamental ‘truths’ which most people generally take for granted are evaluated on an empirical and logical basis, and no field of inquiry is considered ‘taboo’.

Central to this framework is the concept of ‘primary source research methodology’, which is explained in detail here.

It turns out that precious little of what we have been led to believe by school, TV, and society at large is based on primary sources, empiricism, or logic.

Here's a recent podcast of his: