GuardRails: How Free Minds Are Contained By False Narratives and Conspiracy Rabbit Trails

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How Free Minds Are Contained By False Narratives and Conspiracy Rabbit TrailsIncludes, GUARDRAILSNIPSEY’S NOT DEAD, MANDOOZLED, WHY AUTOHOAXING MATTERS, Guardrails starts with False Prophets, a short treatise explains how conspiracy theories are used to reinforce the big deceptions. It describes how free-thinkers are routinely brought back into the paddock. Many well-intentioned truthers have unwittingly helped to bury the very truth. And just what is the truth buried by the conspiracy theories? Simple. The truth is, the media is not reporting factual events to inform you; they are reporting stories to conform you. And even if some see through it, there are ready-made conspiracy theories to explain away all the glitches in the matrix critical observers take note of.Here is the shocking truth: conspiracy theories are part of the government-entertainment-media-complex. Those who are deconstructing the news and recognizing the psychological operations inherent in its dominant narratives are not conspiracy theorists. We're media analysts, critics, and deconstructionists. The conspiracy theorists are the ones running around hunting the bad guy. Free-thinkers who can bypass political correctness and see through the propaganda don't need to insert hypothetical scapegoats into their assessment for a cohesive explanation. Nothing outside of logic is required to see the truth. The deception, on the other hand, requires several logical fallacies, most notably, an appeal to televised news as an authority.In Part 2, The Metascript, I make the case for the existence of a hidden dictatorship governing the minds of all men through the manufacture of an artificial reality construct. The exemplar cited is the life and death of Nipsey Hussle, and how it relates to the fertility rites of mystery Babylon and the nightly news.Part 3 Mandoozled contains the clearest and most definitive debunk of the Mandela Effect. Along with the deconstruction of the popular conspiracy theory is a cohesive explanation for why such a trick would be popularized in the days of real-time Autohoaxing. In Part 4, Guardrails closes with a strong case for shining a light on the real-life consequences of psuedonews being imposed onto the consensus reality.